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Meet Our Team

Sonali Fabiani

Founder, Head of Client Relations & NGO Liaison

Sonali has previously worked with the Akanksha Foundation, Teach For India, and the Social Impact Consulting Practice at Deloitte India. She is deeply passionate about what she does and created this platform to leverage her network of NGOs to help people find a simple way to give back.

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Jaynit Raheja

Founder and Chief Operations Officer


Jaynit started qube, his own real estate company, to digitise the entire landscape in India. He is currently working on an app that will be launched very soon. He was inspired to co-found Altry because he wanted to create a platform for people to be able to reroute gifts to people who truly need them. 

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Krish Raheja

Director of Design


Krish is a product designer by profession. Having worked with products ranging from hair transplant tools to lights that mimic the sun, his expertise lies in user experience and design thinking. He also designs graphics and has an excellent eye for aesthetics. 

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Simran Fabiani

Director of Marketing


Simran is the director of marketing for Altry. She is responsible for the social media platforms. From working at Michael Kors in NYC to FreshDirect in the UK, Simran is also the brain behind strategies for how to get the word out there and keep improving the product. 

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